Big ideas for digital innovation in construction

As construction companies are starting to embrace digital innovation within their operations, the quest for viable use cases becomes a critical exercise to identify the right opportunities for digital solutions. Digital can drive enormous benefits within a construction operations if executed correctly. We are going to go through 8 use cases for digital solutions within construction operations.

Design management

  • Visualise drawings and 3-D models on-site, using mobile platforms
  • Update blueprints in the fields with markups, annotations and hyperlynks


  • Create, assign and prioritise tasks in real time
  • Track progress online
  • Immediately push work plan and schedule to workers
  • Issue mobile notifications to all subcontractors

Materials management

  • Identify, track and locate materials, spools and equipment across the entire supply chain, stores and work front
  • Optimise materials planning, procurement and supply through real-time demand planning

Crew tracking

  • Provide real-time status updates on total crew deployed across work fronts, number of active working hours, entry into unauthorized areas
  • Digital innovation to enable crew deployment optimisation, utilisation and allocation

Quality control

  • Offer remote site inspection using pictures and tags shared through app
  • Update and track live punch lists across projects to expedite project closure

Contract management

  • Update and track contract compliance checklists
  • Maintain standardised communication checklists
  • Provide updated record of all client and contractor communications

Performance management

  • Monitor progress and performance across teams and work areas through digitally innovative solutions.
  • Provide automated dashboards created from field data
  • Offer staffing updates and past reports generated on handheld devices

Document management

  • Upload and distribute documents for reviewing, editing and recording all decisions
  • Allow universal project search across any phase
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